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Choosing the right Colour

Choosing Colour A coloured kitchen splashback is a fantastic way to inject a hint of colour and style into any kitchen, but it isn’t always easy to choose a colour. There are a tonne of great colours to choose from, which means that you won’t find yourself short of choice. However, this choice can leave you with too many options. Luckily, if you take the time to narrow down your favourite coloured splashbacks, you can guarantee that you'll be left with one that you truly love. [...]

Choosing the Right Kitchen Splashback

Choosing The Right Kitchen Splashback If you’re looking for a kitchen splashback, you’re surely going to want to ensure that you choose the best of the best. A splashback can be a key feature in any kitchen, as long as you choose the right one. Luckily, this isn’t as difficult as it may initially seem. Here are some of our top tips for choosing the right kitchen splashback: How To Choose The Right Kitchen Splashback Look for Inspiration and Ideas - Choosing the right kitchen splashback for [...]

Unlimited Colour Choice

Unlimited Colour - Limited Only By Your Imagination! Thanks to our state of the art equipment and dedication to our customers, we’re confident when we say that you can choose from an unlimited range of splashback colours. If it’s a colour or shade that you can think of, it’s a colour or shade that we can create. A Wide Range of Coloured Splashback Options Gone are the days of being limited in your splashback options. Now, you can choose from a wide range of colours. It doesn’t matter [...]

How to buy Coloured Glass Splashbacks

How To Buy – Coloured Glass Splashbacks – What You Need To Know If you’re in the market for a coloured glass splashback, you have come to the right place. We have a fantastic range of coloured splashbacks for you to choose form, in an extensive range of colours. However, if you haven’t bought a coloured glass splashback before, you may have some questions. Here’s what you need to know: Top Tips for Buying a Coloured Glass Splashback Consider All Coloured Splashback Options - When it comes to [...]

Latest Coloured Splashback Colour Trends

Latest Coloured Splashback Colour Trends As with all areas of home decoration and design, there are some splashback colour trends that come and go. Whereas some colours will be extremely popular for years at a time, others will appear and disappear very quickly. Luckily, there are very few coloured splashback colours that don’t stand the test of time. Whatever colour you choose, it’s sure to look on trend and stylish for years to come. What Coloured Splashback Colours Are Popular? At the moment, there are some specific coloured splashback [...]

Fresh and Clean Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Fresh And Clean Coloured Glass Splashbacks It doesn’t matter whether you are redecorating your entire kitchen or you are simply looking to replace a few key elements, there’s a high chance that you are in the market for a fresh and clean splashback. Though they obviously serve a practical purpose, choosing a fresh and clean splashback is a great way to keep your kitchen looking modern and well taken care of. There are a tonne of different types of splashbacks for you to choose from, but coloured [...]

Adding Sparkle To Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Adding Sparkle To Coloured Glass Splashbacks Though there are a number of different types of splashback to choose from, none are able to truly improve the appearance of a kitchen in the same way that a coloured glass splashback can. Coloured glass splashbacks are available in a wide range of colours and shades, which means that there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter on your personal colour preference or the colour scheme of your kitchen, you’ll have a number of coloured glass splashbacks to choose from. In [...]

Why Choose Our Coloured Glass Splashbacks?

Why Choose Our Coloured Glass Splashbacks? If you’re looking for a fantastic coloured glass splashback, you have definitely come to the right place. We have a wide range of coloured glass splashbacks for you to choose from, meaning that you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. However, with a fair few companies offering kitchen splashbacks online, it can be difficult to know where to purchase yours from. Luckily, we're confident that our splashbacks are some of the best on the market. What Makes Our [...]

Every Colour Kitchen Splashbacks

Every Colour Kitchen Splashbacks If you have been looking for a kitchen splashback for a while now, you will have probably struggled to find a kitchen splashback in your ideal colour. However, that struggle is now over. When you choose one of our coloured glass splashbacks, you’ll have an impressively large collection to choose from. This means that you’ll be able to find a splashback in the exact colour and style that you need. With us, there’s no need to compromise or settle for second best. [...]

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With a Coloured Glass Splashback

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With a Coloured Glass Splashback Let’s face it, kitchens can be a little bit dull at times. With neutral coloured walls and generic coloured tiles, a lot of kitchens can look drab and boring. The chances are that this takes a lot of the fun and enjoyment out of the room. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. By adding a coloured glass splashback, you can brighten up your kitchen in a matter of minutes. So, will you be giving coloured [...]


Inspirational Ideas Glass splashbacks are a modern and hygenic alternative to traditional tiles. There are many practical benefits to using glass in your kitchen design, however there are even more design benefits. At Ember Glass we believe that a kitchen is the heart of the home. So why not lavish some design attention on the most important room in the house? We create completely bespoke glass products, and when we say completely we mean it ! Any size, finish, colour, pattern or image! With this amount of [...]

How to install a glass splashback

Hold up the back of the splashback to the worktop and wall to check the fit. Ensuring a 2mm gap between other fixed items. Place the bottom edge of the splashback on the surface, then push the splashback to the wall, applying firm pressure evenly over the whole surface area. Use silicone to seal the gap left. Seal around all edges of the splashback with a bead of silicone sealant not less than 2.5mm in thickness. Complete the [...]